Today was our last day in San Francisco, we have been here just a couple of days, but we can say we did it the best that we could!

Our morning started with the huge and famous Golden Gate.


Me at Golden Gate

Then we went to the Golden Gate Park. A huge park equivalent to the New Yorker Central one, also impressive.





We tried without luck to find the Japanese Tea Garden so we walked to Haight, the former hippie neighbourhood, now a bit less flower power but still colorful and filled with wall paintings.



Haight Street


As we still had the rented car, we took the 49 miles scenic drive to see the remaining things. Thanks to that we went up to Twin Peaks with this incredible view of San Francisco’s skyline.



San Francisco skyline from Twin Peaks


Then we went back to the hostel. We wanted to have a Thanksgiving dinner! For us is a really american thing and we were pretty excited about it. It was a shame that because of that most of the shops were closed during the day, but we could enjoy one of the heaviest dinners ever:



Thanksgiving dinner


I still don’t know what are half of the things I ate, but I will always remember those sweet potatoes with marshmallow! So tasty!

Now it’s time to say good-bye to another city, again. Tomorrow we go to LA and on Sunday we fly to Cook Islands. The second stage of this trip is almost done. We have been nearly three weeks travelling and it seems it has been ages. We’ve lost completely the notion of time, we never know which day it is.

So, dear San Francisco, thanks for the trip! See you soon!