02 California

On Friday we took a bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we would be just 48 hours in this city, because on Sunday night we are leaving to Cook Islands, so it seemed our 48 tour would be pretty intense, and it was!

In Los Angeles we had our first couchsurfing experience, and I can’t express how much I recommend it. Our hosts were Stephanie and Garick, and not only they opened us the door to their place but also to their hearts. Such nice guys! We can’t thank them enough! As soon as we arrive and we were settled they took us to a ride to Santa Monica Boulevard, so we got to see all the shops, shopping malls and some shows there. Santa Monica is really nice at night! We also saw the Theme Park with the rollercoasters and everything. Really beautiful!!!

On Saturday morning we woke up determined to visit as many things as possible. Suddenly all our plans changed: a friend of Garick came to the apartment and offered to show us the city by car with another friend. Cool!!! So our Geisha and her friend Mark took us on a ride to the Getty Museum, an incredible building and museum with amazing views of the Los Angeles skyline.


Getty Museum


Getty Museum

I also could see my friend Chiara there. Such a perfect moment: sun was shining, the sky was more or less blue, good friends and good food.

Then we took the car to Rodeo Drive, we had to see it. Just like in Pretty Woman!!! All those fancy shops, rich people, nice cars…. And we… well… we could almost see a star! hahahaha!



Rodeo Drive


After that we could get to see all the nice houses in Beverly Hills. Exactly like in the movies: HUGE! I think I even saw one really famous house:

And from there, to another important spot:





Thanks to our Geisha and Mark we could go as close as possible to the letters just before sunset. Just amazing. Then it was time for some relax, so we had some margaritas at Casa Vega. Just two words: Cranberry Margarita!

After that, the last thing we wanted to do in Los Angeles: the tacky Walk of Fame. We just had to see it!! And of course we couldn’t forget our dearest Gabi Bitch.



Britney Spears star


As we had seen everything, we went back to Stephanie and Garick’s place, we got dressed and went to a party at our Geisha’s place. Hey guys! This is L.A! A party almost in Beverly Hills!! yeah!

And that was it. Today we are leaving to Cook Islands, so probably will be disconnected for a couple of weeks, we still don’t know the chances of having internet there. But anyway, we’ll write again from New Zealand. Kiwiland, there we go!!!

I can’t finish this post without thanking again Stephanie and Garick for hosting us at their place, for being so nice, for being so friendly. And thanks to our Geisha and Mark for showing us all around. You all four made our stay here just amazing!! And you all four have a house in Barcelona whenever we come back!


Me, Garick, Stephanie, Ina.


Today was our last day in San Francisco, we have been here just a couple of days, but we can say we did it the best that we could!

Our morning started with the huge and famous Golden Gate.


Me at Golden Gate

Then we went to the Golden Gate Park. A huge park equivalent to the New Yorker Central one, also impressive.





We tried without luck to find the Japanese Tea Garden so we walked to Haight, the former hippie neighbourhood, now a bit less flower power but still colorful and filled with wall paintings.



Haight Street


As we still had the rented car, we took the 49 miles scenic drive to see the remaining things. Thanks to that we went up to Twin Peaks with this incredible view of San Francisco’s skyline.



San Francisco skyline from Twin Peaks


Then we went back to the hostel. We wanted to have a Thanksgiving dinner! For us is a really american thing and we were pretty excited about it. It was a shame that because of that most of the shops were closed during the day, but we could enjoy one of the heaviest dinners ever:



Thanksgiving dinner


I still don’t know what are half of the things I ate, but I will always remember those sweet potatoes with marshmallow! So tasty!

Now it’s time to say good-bye to another city, again. Tomorrow we go to LA and on Sunday we fly to Cook Islands. The second stage of this trip is almost done. We have been nearly three weeks travelling and it seems it has been ages. We’ve lost completely the notion of time, we never know which day it is.

So, dear San Francisco, thanks for the trip! See you soon!

Yesterday was a long day. We have just two days to discover San Francisco and we are trying to do our best as long as the sun is still shinning (when it’s dark it’s quite difficult to see new things!).

So yesterday we started with the city center. Exploring the Coil Tower in Telegraph Hill and its incredible views to the whole city. The way down was through the Greenwich Scales, a beautiful corner with weird things all around:


Greenwich scales

We kept walking until Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. With all the crowd, tourists, but beautiful spots like the Sea lions view or this carousel.


Pier 39 Carousel


sea lions in the same pier

Then we headed to Chinatown, more spectacular than the NYC one, with a lot of decoration in every street.  We also walked through Union Square district. The whole city is covered by amazing paintings on the walls and things that make you turn your head and just say “wow!!”.



Wall painting


And after a long day walking we deserved some nice food, so we went to Castro, the Gay neighbourhood to walk a bit more and to eat this amazing spaghetti with meatballs.



spaghetti with Meatballs

And we called it a day. Today: thanksgiving! yeah!

Oh dear God! Oh dear God! I wasn’t expecting California to be that beautiful! (and I still haven’t seen Cook Islands or New Zealand!)

This morning we woke up in Cambria. Definitely a town like in the “Men in trees” series. We went to have breakfast to Linn’s Bakery. Amazing. There we meet a guy from last night. We were there for 12 hours and we knew half of the population! hahahaah! A 6.000 inhabitant town in the coast of California. Awesome.

Just 6 miles north from Cambria the Big Sur starts. Big Sur takes the road 1 from San Simeon until Monterrey. First stop: the elephant seals.


Welcoming seagull


Awake elephant seal


sleeping elephant seals


And after this: pure nature. The weather was awful: cloudy, foggy and raining most of the day, but anyway we could enjoy the coast with its beautiful green colours, the beaches, mountains, cliffs and narrow roads that drove us until San Francisco. Pictures without photoshop (I don’t know how to use it, sorry!). I just keep thinking how beautiful it has to be in summer or in a sunny day.



Big Sur


Big Sur

So, after some hours we are finally in San Francisco. So far we haven’t seen anything. But it seems the next two days will be pretty intense.

Good night to everyone!

Hi guys!

We are now heading to San Francisco through the coast of California. Is not that easy to keep uploading pictures and posts, but we try our best.

Yesterday we arrived to Los Angeles Airport and after meeting two friends from Barcelona (Hola iki! Hola nuria!), we headed to Santa Barbara, where we slept. Do you know that kind of motels from the thriller or terror movies, where everyone on the second floor gets killed? We slept in one. Yes we did. This morning we had breakfast in the amazing beach of Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara beach


Palm trees in Santa Barbara


Freeway 101


With our huge car (everything in USA has to be huge, this is it), we took the freeway 101 until San Luis Obispo, a really beautiful town with this church:


San Luis Obispo


Then we took the freeway 1 through the coast, where we saw this amazing sunset in Morro’s bay:


Morro's bay


We kept driving until Cambria, where we find a really cheap and nice motel from which I am writing. Cambria is like a town from a fairytale: small houses which are actual shops or restaurants,  and everything decorated with Christmas lights. We had a really cheap dinner and then we went to a typical american bar called Mozzi’s where we had a beer for 1’5 $. True story.

So this is it today. Tomorrow we’ll do the Big Sur. Our expectations are pretty high, but I think it’s even going to be better. We’ll arrive to San Francisco tomorrow night.