I arrived to Singapore on Thursday afternoon after an 8 hours flight from Sydney. I was nervous because it was my first arrival to Asia and I was by myself, I was excited because I knew it would be a really different experience, I was missing Marina and, after some minutes, I was sweating as a pig!!! Damn it! Singapore was at 30ºC and with a 90% humidity. Compared to the 10ºC o Sydney it was a shock for me.

At the airport a taxi arranged by the hostel came to pick me up and took me to The InnCrowd, a really nice hostel in the middle of Little India. The hostel turned out to be better than I expected. Was clean, nice, the people were friendly and it had a really good location.

My fat lady bakery. Nice name, huh?

After taking a shower and putting on my summer clothes again (it had been 4 months without them!) I took my camera and I went to explore the city. Singapore it’s known as a stop over city, people just fly here in their way to somewhere else. Although all the bad impressions I read about the city, I quite liked it. Singapore is a weird western city in the middle of Asia, clean but crowded and bubbly, it’s a shopaholic paradise, but also a nice place to stay for some days.


small street in Little India

Little India is amazing. Its colours, smells, noises are just impossible to describe. I’ve been eating there everyday. I can’t help it, I love drinking a Mango Lasi while eating some Malaysian food! If you ever go there, don’t miss the Tekka Center and eating at its food court.

I took a walk around the area and in the evening I went to a Couchsurfing event. I thought it would be a good idea to meet some people in my couple of days in Singapore, and hey, it was! There were more than 20 people in the meeting, although I just talked with a few of them, the best ones! 🙂 It was a nice way to meet some actual inhabitants of the city and not just travellers.

Yesterday, Friday, was my time to visit a bit the city. If you check any guide you’ll see that Singapore’s main attraction are its shopping malls, but well, you can also visit some nice areas.


Sultan Mosque in Singapore

In the morning I went to the Malayan district. It has really nice little and colourful shops and a beautiful Mosque that I couldn’t visit (it was prayer’s time!). After that I headed to Chinatown. It was pouring, but it seems the Singaporeans are quite used to rain, so most of the streets had places to walk without getting soaked. There I went to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. Beautiful!


Buddha Tooth Relic temple and museum

I ate some delicious noodles with roasted chicken and I headed to the shopping mall district. Not that I had any money to spend, but I thought it was worth it having a look. And Orchard Road is CRAZY. I was literally two hours trying to find an exit to the street and I couldn’t. That area is just a labyrinth of Shopping malls: actually you go from one to the other without going outdoors. It’s totally crazy. But if you have money to spend, it has to be amazing. They have all the brands you can ever imagine!

After that, I went back to the hostel to rest a bit and to keep reading my Bahasa book. Yes, I’m a language geek, you all know that. So as I’m going to Indonesia, I thought it was a good idea trying to learn the language.

Heading to the hostel I saw Parkview Square. The building is really amazing.

At night I had the chance to meet a friend of a friend, Fitri. I was supposed to meet her in Indonesia, but she’s currently living in Singapore. So went to have some gintonics. Hey, it even seems that I have a pretty busy social life in Singapore! hahahaha!


Parkview Square building

 Singapore is quite small, so probably a couple of days is enough to visit. If I had more time I would go to the Museum, or maybe the zoo, or maybe to do some snowboarding (true story, two guys from the hostel are now in their way to snowboard indoors!). But hey, I’d rather stay more days in Indonesia. After all, I’m coming back to Singapore in one month before going back to Europe!

Anyway, next stop: BALI! Oh yeah!