Planning the trip

So, there we go. After 9 months preparing the trip we are leaving.

For me it’s the first travelling for such a long time (without settling in any city, I mean), and also the first time moving abroad with someone. 4 years ago I started travelling and living in other countries, but every time it was a fresh start, just me, trying to find my way in different cities, cultures. Now I’ll go with her. And I now I couldn’t have chosen anyone better.

I was just checking old pictures (while doing a computer back-up) and I found this picture, from 2006, when I just moved to Madrid. I had been there for a month and Ina came to visit me. She was my first visit, and since then she came to visit me almost every couple of months.

We know each other since more than ten years ago. She knows me, I know her. We know what to do with each other when we panic, we can stand our bad moods in the morning, we are the best organizing trips and routes together.

Maybe when we come back we won’t talk to each other. Maybe we’ll have fights, maybe she’ll visit different cities or even countries. Who knows? And, more important, who cares? One thing I’m sure about: if it wasn’t with her, I don’t know with who would it be. It had to be her, it had to be Ina (

Me (left) and Ina (right) in some seedy place, Madrid, 2006


So, dear all, in 24 hours we’ll be flying to New York City. Fucking New York City!!!! Oh god! I can’t wait! I’m so excited!!!

Tomorrow the whole year starts. There’s no way back. And I couldn’t be happier.


First stop: New York City.

When? From November 8th until November 21st.


All the people who know me will understand how hard it is for me to buy sneakers. I hate those shoes. They are the most ugly thing on earth. But I had to do it. In New Zealand we’ll go for long walks, we’ll try to work in farms. So… well… I had to do it. I’m sorry dear closet.

How am I supposed to match this horrible shoes with my clothing?

But hey, this is just the start. Not only I’ll have to wear this shoes but also a backpack. ME! Me with a backpack! What the hell is going on? Am I becoming some sort of hippie? Oh God! Why?!

So, as it seems that we are becoming hippies for a year, Ina (formerly known as Mo in this blog, long story, just keep in mind the name Ina)  and I decided to buy the whole pack: flashlight, raincoat, summer sleeping bag, trip towels and a safe lock. Thank God it wasn’t that expensive, just 85 euros everything. Ok, I don’t want to think about it, for that price I’d have a Bettie Page dress.

And that’s it. Enough. I’m going to bring my pin-up dresses to the trip, and my red lipsticks, and some head-pieces. I don’t care what people say! We’re going to a civilized country! I still can be myself there! You can start to get ready for pictures of me dressed as a perfect pin-up but with sneakers. I tried to convince Ina to cut all our pictures in our ankles, but she started laughing, I guess you all will just see it.

So, in spite of what most people say, the backpack is not going to be our main luggage. We are going to bring a suitcase instead. The backpack will be for the planes, for couple of days trips and to carry our computers and electronic equipment. But all our clothing will be safely stored in a regular wheeled suitcase. Safer for my back, safer for my dignity. For that purpose I have my perfect suitcase, one in which I can put up to 20 kilograms, no more, so I won’t have to pay for extra weight in any flight. Measurements? 60 x 40 x 20.

Now I just have to find out how to fit all that I need in a year in this tiny suitcase. 20 kilograms for a whole year. God help me, this won’t be easy.

Today we’ve just transfered the money to the travel agency, so after two weeks changing the dates, the stops and everything, I belive we have our flight itinerary. So, dear all, this is what Mo and I will do for a whole year:

– 8 November: New York

– 21 November: Los Angeles

– 28 November: Rarotonga

– 15 December: New Zealand

– 20 April: Australia

And then arround November next year we’ll end our trip with some days in Singapore. And then… coming back to Spain. Or maybe not. As The Beach Boys always said, God Only Knows!