Several weeks ago I told my mother to start looking for my flights (she’s a travel agent), but, of course, she told me to get information about the visa first.

And maybe this is useless for most of the people, but one of the aims of this blog is to give the biggest amount of information possible for people who want, like me, to move to NZ or Australia.

So, if you’re a spaniard and you want to go to NZ, you can stay there WITHOUT a visa for a maximum of 90 days. You can get information by calling to the consulate in Barcelona, from Monday to Friday in working hours (until 19h): 93 209 03 99. If you want to stay longer, you require a visa. To get that, you have to call to the embassy in Madrid, from Monday to Friday, 10 to 12h (yes, they work LOTS of hours.. ): +34 91 523 02 26.

If you’re a spaniard and you want to go to Australia, is not that easy. I’m still not sure of what do they want, but you can call to the consulate in Barcelona from Monday to Friday, 10 to 12h (they work a lot too): +34 93 490 90 13.

And, thus far, this is all I have. Actually I have more information, but I have to make sure is right.

More soon. And don’t worry, as time goes by, I’ll start updating this blog more and more often. You won’t get rid of me that easily!