After falling in love with the neighbourhood last week, yesterday we wanted to go back to Williamsburg, the place where we both would love to live.

As I already said, Williamsburg is packed with second-hand shops, cozy places to eat or drink, the most hipster people and the best atmosphere one can imagine. But you can also find some freaks there. For example: an astronaut.


Williamsburg Astronaut

We also visited the BEST vintage and second-hand shop ever: Beacon’s Closet. I couldn’t help to buy a skirt and a dress there. So amazing! So cheap! Then we had lunch with my friend Elena, currently living there, in a really beautiful place called Five Leaves. The best food listening to Lou Reed. unbelievable.



As dusk started, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk by. It’s a shame that half of it was under repair and covered, but anyway we could see the incredible Manhattan Skyline from there.

Then we went have a drink, and advised by my friends Eneida and Miriam, we visited The Beauty Bar near Union Square. A really nice and beautiful place with the best music where you can get a cocktail and a manicure for 10 $. And of course, we did it:


So, that was our day. Only two days more and then we will leave to sunny and warm California!


I won’t stop saying it. This city is amazing. Awesome. unbelievable. I could be here a thousand years (with a thousand million dollars) and I would never be tired of New York. Yesterday I took more than a hundred pictures. And I have a monthly limit to flickr… So, dear all, I have to limit myself uploading pictures!

Yesterday we saw Veteran’s Day parade. So american! So stereotypical! Veteran’s from Vietnam, Second World War, Afghanistan, all walking in the biggest parade I’ve ever seen. All along the 5th Avenue, with people singing, just walking, dancing, and all the public applauding and screaming “thank you” and “thank god”. Everyone, obviously, holding american flags. It was pretty odd for us, Spaniards, but amazing to see.


The Glory Girl

After that we left Manhattan and moved to Brooklyn. That neighbourhood is also huge!! Here everything is like twice the size of Europe! Anyway, in Brooklyn we had the best pizza ever at Tony’s, where one of the guys, clear descendant of Vito Corleone, tried to flirt with us.

Then we went to more hipster areas of Brooklyn. Dear all, I want to live in Dumbo or Willyburg. There’s no other way. Such beautiful houses (HOUSES! NOT APARTMENTS!), such beautiful streets, such good atmosphere and cool bars!


Manhattan view from Dumbo

We saw the most beautiful vintage shops I’ve seen since Amsterdam (and all my friends know that is not easy!), and book shops, cafés, restaurants… So we had dinner in a Willyburg restaurant where they were playing country music and then we went to have a beer in a rock bar. I need to live there.


Kellog's dinner at Williamsburg