As a Spaniard I can stay without any Visa in NZ for a maximum of three months, only having a valid passport.

To stay longer a Spaniard needs a Visa that can be from three to nine months.

The requirements are in this web:

Just to remember it, I will need:

– valid passport

– flight reservation go and back (important! just the RESERVATION!)

– 500 € for each month I’m going to stay there ( proving them with a bank draft or traveller’s checks)

– a photo

– completed visa application NZIS1017

– Health application 1096 (including X-Ray to prove that I don’t have tuberculosis!) –> just needed in case of staying more than six months.

All the bureaucracy can start just three months before leaving, not earlier. A visa starts from the moment you get it. So, I have to do it as later as possible: if I do it three months before leaving, I can only stay there for six months! And yes, that’s a pain in the ass, because the later you buy your flights, the more expensive they are. And you can not buy your flight tickets until you have your visa.

All the documents have to be delivered to the embassy and it takes from two to three weeks to get a visa.

To stay for longer than nine months you have to find a job with a contract, with the contract you can change your visit visa into a working visa paying some taxes (I read somewhere that was arround 100 or 200 euros). But you can do it being there. The point is to find a job, that’s it!

So, I can’t start all the bureaucracy until SEPTEMBER!

And I wanted to have everything before summer… It seems I’ll have my suitcase packed before having my flights booked… But well, life is life. And my determination to go there won’t stop.

Now my next step will be to get to know NZ. In the following chapters, more about it!