Did you really think this blog was going to end just because I was back to my country?

Ok, I did think so. But one day I sent an e-mail to my dear friend Jai and I told him that I was pretty sad that the whole trip was over although I was looking forward to seeing every one of my friends. Jai replied a really nice email that ended with a sentence:


And guess what? He was totally right. It doesn’t matter where I am, it doesn’t matter with who I am or what I do, from now on I will always be travelling, I will always be dreaming, I will always be experiencing new things. The trip taught me that the world is not how I used to see it, everything changes depending on the glass you look through. And I’ve changed my blurry glass for a brand new one filled with hopes, dreams and amazing memories of the time I spend abroad.

Do you know my country? Probably most foreigners know it better than I do. I did describe in this blog how I saw New Zealand, Australia, New York, Cook Islands, Indonesia, so, shouldn’t I be able to do the same with my own but unknown country?

Last 11th of September I went to visit my friend Titus to Reus. 11th of September is the Catalan National Day. We commemorate our defeat during the Spanish Succession War. We commemorate a really sad thing, the loss of our freedom. But it is a reminder of who we were, who we are. I’m not a really political person, but I can’t help getting goosebumps when I hear our anthem and I think of what happened by then.

So, in that special day I went to Reus, a city located in the Tarragona province, in Catalonia. I had no expectations at all about the city, I just wanted to see my friend. But it turned out to be a pretty nice and interesting spot to visit.

Reus is famous for being the home town of Antoni Gaudí, our most famous architect. Ironically enough, there is nothing built by him in the city. However, I still got the chance to see some nice architecture like modernist Casa Navàs.

Casa Navàs by Domènech i Montaner

Or a nice church from the XVI century: Prioral de Sant Pere de Reus.

Esglèsia Prioral de Sant Pere

What surprised me most was just wandering through Reus’ little streets. Really catalan, but with a different atmosphere than the far north. It’s difficult to explain, but I could totally tell a different character in the area. It is a really beautiful city indeed!

Castells in Reus

As it was 11th of September, I got the chance to see some of the celebrations. In the area it is a tradition to build human towers, also known as “Castellers“. Although I’ve seen it hundreds of times, I still think it’s an amazing heritage.

Castells in Reus

All in all, a nice morning that ended with a delicious paella with Titus’ friends. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that, but believe me, you’d be pretty jealous, so I’m making you a favour!

Catalan flag in Reus