After so many days in New Zealand only in Auckland, on Christmas eve we finally headed to the real and green New Zealand. First stop of our road trip: Taupo.

After less than 4 hours driving towards Taupo, that’s how we first saw the town:


Sunset in Taupo

It was the first picture of a unforgettable trip. There, Marty’s parents hosted us during some days, for Christmas Holidays, so even being as far as we could be, we had a Christmas with a family. It wasn’t easy, I really missed my mum, my grandma, my entire family! But Marty’s family gave us the best Christmas abroad that we could imagine.

I received more presents than in my home town (mum, shame on you! hahahaha!), including the really special New Zealand greenstone (Marty! thanks again!!!), and after a relaxed lunch they took us to visit the beautiful Huka Falls and to bless our stones to the Whangaroa Reserve in Acacia Bay

In the following days we visited the stunning Craters of the Moon, we had a night swim in the thermal park of the Waikato River, swam to see the Maori carvings in the lake, saw the Aratiatia Rapids and ate, drink and ate again and again.


Mountain and sky view from the Craters of the Moon

Christmas in summer. It was just awesome!



Us in Aratiatia Rapids


After a few days in the area, our next stop was Marton, a small town located in the south-west of the North Island (near Bulls) were we got to see one of the friends of the guys. Driving through the whole island was totally worth it: we stayed two nights in a house in the middle of the country side with sheep all around. Like hippies. Playing music, drinking beer and well, you know, having fun. Just for the record: I played the drums for the first time in my life! And I’m really bad, but hey, I like it.

From there we headed up north-east again, to Gisborne, where we were going to spend New Years Eve. A 8 hours drive in which we also had a look to Napier, a beautiful art deco town.



New Zealand landscape is a frame from the Teletubbies

So, finally in Gizzy! There we could stay in the house of a friend of one of the guys and enjoy our days in the beach, New Zealand summer holidays.

Playing 5-7-5, reinventing synecdoche, collecting infinitives, laughing and playing guitars. Life is so good when you’re surrounded by the proper people!

There we also got to know another of Marty’s friends: Jon Toogood. Does the name say anything to you? To me neither. But it turned out that he is a famous NZ singer. So, our New Year’s Eve was in the Rythm & Vines festival, in a Shihad concert. I guess it was easier to talk to him and the band without knowing that they are really famous. To us they are just nice and friendly guys. It’s just funny to know that their jobs are far from being “normal”.

Of course we didn’t forget about the spanish traditions, and our beloved Marty, Jai (tronco), Steve, Stevie and Kat had to eat the 12 grapes with us at midnight. In spite of the fact that here there aren’t 12 bells to eat the 12 grapes, we all did it pretty well, so the year 2011 will be just AWESOME for all of us! Thanks sooooo much guys!!!! 🙂


Marina and I, starting 2011.

And we didn’t forget about our spanish dear ones, so the morning after we woke up at noon so we could eat the 12 grapes again but in the spanish time. FELIZ AÑO!


Thanks everyone for following me. And for being at my side no matter what I do or how I feel.

I just wanted to wish you all a

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!