On Wednesday, then, we arrived to Te Anau, and as the NZ dollar is so low, we decided that we could afford not only visiting one of the Sounds but also the Glowworm Caves. So we went to Real Journeys and booked both things: the caves and the visit to Doubtful Sound.

1. Glowworm caves

First you take a cruise through Lake Te Anau, and after half an hour you arrive to the caves, where after walking some minutes you arrive to a dark cave to take a boat inside the cave. Once there we couldn’t take pictures there, but you’ll have to believe my word: is just spectacular. Hundreds of glowworms that looked like stars above us!

On the cruise, as it was dusk, all the couples were taking romantic cheesy pictures of themselves. And well, we had to do it too.


Love Picture in the cruise

2. Milford Sound

We decided to do the cruise through Doubtful Sound instead Milford, because is three times bigger and everybody said it is more spectacular. But anyway we wanted to see it, so we took the Milford Highway on Thursday.

The highway is 120 kms from Te Anau to Milford, but it took us more than 4 hours just to go there. We had to stop at almost every corner. It was so spectacular that I run out of adjectives. Just a couple of examples:


Way to Milford Sound


Milford Sound

And well, I can’t explain it with words. Is something you have to see by yourself to believe it. It seemed that all that scenary was drawn, it seemed unreal. But the fact is that it was totally real, in front of my eyes.


3. Doubtful Sound

And when we thought we couldn’t see more beauty, on Friday we took the cruise to Doubtful Sound. One hour cruise through Lake Manapouri, one hour couch through the Wilmot Pass (with a visit to the Underground Power Station), three hour cruise through the sound and back again. I still can’t understand how some people felt asleep in the second cruise, we couldn’t even switch off our cameras!!

Definitely, I have no words, just pictures.


Lake Manapouri


Wilmot's pass


Doubtful Sound


Fur Seals in Doubtful Sound


and yes, I was there too!