The main problem when I decided that I wanted to visit small parts of my country was that everyone was working but me. Also, I couldn’t afford big trips: I wasn’t working! However, I wanted to take my dear Marty on his day off to visit my favourite spots in Catalunya (or Catalonia, as you like!). Obviously my first thought was Costa Brava, but unfortunately I can’t drive, so we had to choose a place reachable by train: Girona.

Girona! Many foreigners visiting Barcelona never think of that cozy little city! And, as you’ll see, it’s a huge mistake not visiting it.

Houses in Onyar river
crossing the river

The main attraction of Girona is its Jewish QuarterCall in Catalan -, apparently the best preserved and largest Jewish Quarter in Europe. Its beauty it’s obvious. You feel the history in the air just walking along those cobbled streets. Marty asked me if they knew how beautiful it was while they were building it. And that kept me wondering: did they know? I mean, of course it was built narrow for protection and the only thing they had were those amazing stones, but, did they realize how special was that place? We will never know. Luckily, we still can enjoy it.


Me at the Jewish Quarter

In the area it’s also nice to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria from XIth century or the church of Sant Feliu, from the XIVth century. I can’t help it: I loooove churches! One day I’ll tell you about my obsession with religion being totally and deeply atheist.

Esglèsia de Sant Feliu

I also have to mention the Medieval Wall, from 9th and 14th century. Stunning!

Medieval wall

After the whole morning visiting this amazing city, we followed my friend Titus recommendations and we went for lunch to Hostal Coll: a classic. The average age was around 50 years old. The food was damn good! We ate a 3 course meal (including fideuá or pig cheeks) plus desert and a bottle of wine (properly mixed with soda to do a “tinto de verano“) for around 12 euros each. Awesome!

The only problem of eating so much and so good was that afterwards we couldn’t even walk. All we wanted was to have a siesta! We wandered around for a while and obviously went to have some beers. After that, train back to my town, where I had cooked some canelones for dinner, but I should talk about them another day. So much food!

All in all, a perfect sunny day in Girona!