A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Vin sent me a link to her own blog saying that it was a surprise for me. I opened it curious, and after reading I was like a child waiting for Christmas: I needed my present immediately! The idea seemed sooo cool!

UPDATE: Not only Vin talks about it in her blog, also The Fitzroy Flasher mentions it and Katie Jayne too in her blog. It’s all around! Who’ll be next?

Let me explain it: Vin found out about Chris and she decided that the ring should come to Spain. Ok, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Let’s start from the beginning then.

One day Chris Massey was bored in his house (or that’s my guess!) and didn’t know what to do with some rings he just made. Chris, who is doing a BA in Fine Arts at RMIT was looking for a participatory artwork, integrating it with his jewelry and ceramics practise. And he did it. How? He created 40 unique rings and gave them to friends and strangers with just one condition: they couldn’t keep the ring, they had to give them away and tell Chris where were those rings going. Cool huh? You can check more information in his facebook group: A Giving Ring.

Another day my beloved and talented Vin Knight found out about Chris’ rings. That night she had a really vivid dream with me in it. So days after she went to the Rose Market in Melbourne and she got to get one of the rings. She decided that the ring had to come with me to Spain.

A third day in this story I received the package.

a present from Australia

And what was inside? Of course the ring, which turned out to be way more beautiful than I expected. Made with sterling and ceramics is one of those rings that makes you feel unique, different, gorgeous. Problem? It’s so precious that I’m afraid of breaking it. It’s way too special for me! But on the other hand, such a beautiful ring should be seen around.

a giving ring

Vin liked the idea of “passing happiness” so much that she decided to start her own “passing” thingy. Along with the ring I received two little envelopes with the instruction that one was for me and the other one should be for someone else. God! It took me hours to decide which one I kept! Finally my mum picked up one and it was the end of the deliberation. I already wrote in this blog about Vin’s amazing art, but again, I love it. Every series that she does keeps surprising me, it’s so Vin but different from all her work at the same time! Her use of colours, textures, her love for different papers and colour lawyering. I need to frame it!

(to read more about her and to see some of her awesome creations, don’t forget to go to her blog: http://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/ )

a giving postcard

That envelop definitely made my day yesterday! Isn’t the ring awesome? Maybe for me it’s all the history that has behind. But I can’t help smiling when I look at it.

I have already decided where the other little postcard is going. But so far that’s a secret. Eventually you’ll all know.

ring in Spain

I hope you allow me to make a “remember when” moment. I forgot to post something really important: a video of how a couchsurfer host became a friend, a video of how three months in Melbourne taught us so much about ourselves, about people and, more important, about how to have real fun.

To everyone we met in Melbs or came to visit us: THANKS. You are all awesome and you’re the reason why I keep smiling when people asks me about that city.

And, obviously, special thanks to Jarrod.

Laura + SupersubMARINA from jarrod sheehan on Vimeo.

I’ve been thinking in writing this post for a long time, but I didn’t know what to say exactly or how to start with it. I just wanted to make a list of places (bars and restaurants from Melbourne) that I wanted to stress for different reasons. So, there it goes! This is just me judging some of the places I went to, so, 100% personal opinion.

Cookies in St Kilda

North Melbourne

Prudence: my favourite bar in the area. Pretty hipster, but amazing music and reasonably priced.

Fandango’s: good food, not that good coffee.

Grigons & Orr Corner Store: good coffee, cool place, I love the water with strawberry and mint!


Carlton Club: reasonably priced, relaxed atmosphere, cool place in the center.

Shanghai Dumplings: cheap. Bad service, ugly place, but damn cheap! An institution that you should visit if you are in Melbourne for a while.

Gaylord: I found the name hilarious. It turned out that the food is pretty good, reasonable price and moreover, you can drink as much as you want (it’s a BYO) because they will never kick you out.

Degraves Expresso: amazing coffee.

Rooftop Bar: really cool place, quite overpriced.

Cherry Bar: paradise. Best music ever, I love the atmosphere, I love the people. It felt like being in Wurlitzer in Madrid, my favourite place ever.

Sister Bella: quite unknown but really nice place with good music and good people.

Section 8: totally overrated. It’s a shame because the place is cool, but it’s overpriced and crowded with hipsters that go beyond the word hipster.

Melbourne skyline from the Rooftop Bar


Yah-yah’s: not only closes at 6 and it has free entrance, but also has really good music. The only bad thing is the people, way too wasted. But if you don’t mind it or you are actually as wasted as them, is perfect.

Atomica cafe: good coffee, good food, good place.

Bimbo’s: cheapest dinner / lunch you’ll ever find. Their 4 $ pizzas are not the best thing ever, but hey, for 4 $, who cares? By the way, the rooftop is pretty cool.

Umago: despite what you’ll think reading the menu, order the Poncho pizza. You’ll never regret it. Best pizza ever.

Worker’s club: nice and quiet place, reasonable price for drinks, good music.

Melbourne from Brighton Beach

Last but not least I have to mention Revolver, THAT place, that institution. If you are ever in Melbourne and all the places are closed, Revolver will be open, no matter what. Probably the music is not good, and neither is the atmosphere, but hey, it has something cool. Well, no, it hasn’t anything cool. But if it’s 7 in the morning on a Saturday, it’s the only place to go. That’s it. 100% success.

And to finish this post, I also have to say that no matter what, no matter where, the important thing of any bar or restaurant is with whom you go. If it wasn’t for Jon, Vin, David, Jarrod, Rose, Jeffrey and all the rest, Melbourne wouldn’t have been the same. Love you and miss you guys. Thanks for everything!

when I close my eyes I see roast chicken…

Last days in Melbourne have been totally hectic. I wanted to see a lot of people, I still had to visit lots of places and, above all, I wanted to enjoy a bit more this amazing city.

So I had the visit of Laura, who I met in New Zealand, and I realized how some friendships will last for a long time.

Brighton Beach

With her I enjoyed a week as a tourist. And it was amazing to see Melbourne again like the first time I arrived and show her why I love this city so much.

After her, Jai came to visit Melbourne too. And with him I realized that some friendships go beyond the word friend. He is just family. The kind of person next to whom I am exactly who I am. It feels like I know him for ages, and it feels good to see how much you can share with someone from such a different part of the world.

Victoria State Library in Melbourne

I guess travelling is all about this: meeting new people the whole time, people who teach you as much as they can and as much as you allow them. The most interesting part of a trip is how those friendships develop through time. And that takes me back to my friends in Barcelona, and the ones in Madrid, and the ones I met in Holland. All my friendships are based on a short period of time living in the same city and then dealing with the distance and the online contact. Sometimes I feel I am really useless with mails and keeping in touch. But sometimes I realize how big is the amount of people still next to me, and I feel incredibly happy and incredibly lucky.

Coffee with Laura and Jeffrey

Oh, my dear Melbourne! I am soooo coming back as soon as I can! But now I have to leave you, Sydney is waiting for me. And after that, Indonesia. And after that, Barcelona and Madrid. And the circle will be complete. Back to where I come from.

I’m so excited about all! I just think of the last year of my life and it has been amazing. And then I think of seeing all my beloved ones and it will be amazing too.


Melbourne at night while waiting for Jarrod and Toothy

I’m sorry but when I think of leaving Melbourne, all that comes to my mind is this:


So yes, my dear Melbourne, this is the end. I could stay here forever, but I’m not allowed to work, so, I have to end this some day. And the day will be next week.

I’ve been checking my bank account again (lately is the only thing I do!!) and the facts are:

– With the same money that I would spend travelling a week in Australia, I can be in the south east of Asia for a month.

– I’d rather visit Indonesia and Thailand than the coast of Australia mainly because I can stay there longer. And hey, Indonesia has to be pretty awesome!

So as a conclusion, I’ll fly next week to Sydney and stay there for a week. After that, I’ll take my flight to Singapore and fly from there to Indonesia first and then visit probably Malaysia for another two weeks. After all of this, I’ll be damn poor and I’ll fly back to Spain (around the 20 – 23rd of August) where I’m sure my mum will feed me. hahahaha!

I feel really sad to definitely realize that I’ll have to go back to Spain two months before planned, and is also really sad not being able to afford travelling through Australia. But on the other hand, Indonesia! Malaysia!

I still don’t dare buying my ticket to Sydney. I just cry when I think of it!

My dear Melbourne. I’m soooo coming back here!

All I do lately is thinking about the last 8 months travelling and how amazing it has been. So well, I’ll have to shorten the trip, but at least I had the chance to travel. Isn’t it? When I left I said that I would be back when I run out of money, and it’s exactly what I’ll do.

Melbourne is just pure art. Is something I haven’t seen in any other city. Melbourne is just filled with art all around. Art galleries, fashion, graffiti, musicians, writers. You can feel the art even when ordering a coffee. It seems that here everyone can be what they want to be. The society encourages them to be as artistic as they want. There are no barriers in any kind of artistic development. Even the food culture has evolved in that sense here! It’s all about doing what you feel like doing. And probably that’s why Melbourne is such an amazing city.

Strawberry in a coffee

Usually, in Spain, when I say that I have studied linguistics, people look at me and ask what the hell can I do with that. Here, people look at me amazed and ask me how many languages can I understand and why am I not working in something related to that. Maybe is a stupid example, but I think it clearly shows how art and humanities are seen in a different way.

In the two months that I’ve been here I’ve met lots of artists. Some of them really good, some of them not that good. I think it was time to introduce you to my favourite ones. Maybe because I know them, and I know how much effort they put in everything that they do, but I think they are amazing in what they do.



I have been living with her the last month, and I think she doesn’t know how much I love what she does. It’s just beautiful. Her pieces are filled with her sweetness, her kindness and her attention to the detail. If I had my own house, I would fill it with her art.

Who wouldn’t want to have some cupcakes on a wall?


And, what about the series of birds? Oh god, I totally see them in a lounge.



Vin just does what I call “useful” art, art that you would actually use. Nothing to do with contemporary impossible to understand art, just art that is beautiful and makes you feel happy when you look at it. Happy to have it.

More of her work in her blog.




Everfresh is probably one of the most famous street artists studio in Melbourne. Therefore it wasn’t surprising at all when they won a prize to have an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Their art is well renown. And in Melbourne is hard to visit the city without bumping into one of their amazing graffiti.

Everfresh studio has several artists, all of them with a really definite and different style, but all of them sharing a passion for what they do. It’s thanks to people like them that Melbourne is an art gallery itself. They turned the walls of the city into amazing canvas.

The one that has my heart is Makatron, because I know him (and his amazing wife!) and I know how good he is at what he does. From an artistic point of view I should stress Rone too, his fame is totally deserved. Last week he had an exhibition and his pieces were sold out before the opening!

This graffiti, done by all the guys in the studio has been in Fitzroy for the last 3 years and nobody has tagged it!

L'inconnue de la rue, by Rone


You can see more of these guy’s work in their website.



And after some street art, some art to have home, I also should talk about some art to wear. And here is where my dear Katy comes to scene.

Katy is the girl behind Captain Robbo’s leggings. All made in Melbourne. Even the fabric!

Her designs are amazing. All those patterns… I had a hard time choosing what to buy! When you see those leggings live you understand how much effort she has put on them. I have been helping her at the studio, and this, guys, is also art. From a picture to a printing screen that is filled with ink to go to the leggings. Katy chooses carefully her patterns and fabric to make every pair of them a really special piece.

Chandelier pattern


Adventure pants by Captain Robbo

You can see more of her designs in her website.



In Melbourne you don’t have to pay to see art, it’s just a matter of walking and getting to know the people. For once in my lifetime, I don’t feel embarrassed to tell people who I am and what I’ve studied. I’ve never been more proud of devoting my life to humanities.


I was thinking about writing a list with all the bars and pubs that we have visited in the last two weeks. Because, guess what? All we have done is meeting more people and going to bars, parties, dinners, lunches. Melbourne has us trapped! So, I’m too lazy to write that list.

And no, we haven’t even tried to look for a job. We’ve decided that we wanted to enjoy as much as we could our time here. And it’s exactly what we are doing.

Hanging out with Jon, Jarrod, Rose, Rosa, David, Vin, Robbeh, Simon, Marty and with whoever I have talked in the last weeks.

Me by Marina with David's camera

It’s so nice, I feel like I’ve been here for ages. I can call people to have a coffee, I can call people for dinner. Different sorts of friends that make me feel like… well, like home. Like Madrid, like Barcelona.

I keep on thinking that I could live here for some years. I won’t (for now) because we still have many things to do. But Melbourne will be in my mind. And hey, who knows, I can come back whenever I want.

By the way, my birthday here was really nice! Of course, if you are surrounded by nice people, things can’t go wrong. So Jon cooked two roasted chickens, Marina did the best cake ever and on the meantime, like always, David took thousands of nice pictures.

The cake

blowing 29 candles

As birthday presents? A set of make-up (so cool!!) and bringing Anaya to Melbourne on the weekend. When I thought I wouldn’t see her in a long time, there she was, with us. So on Friday night I went out with all my Melbourne friends (I love you all guys!!!). And it was an awesome night with jägermeister shots, tequila, dancing old hits from Dirty Dancing sound track and ending up in that place that no one wants to mention. I couldn’t be happier about the massive hangover I had the day after! hahahaha!

On Sunday we had to say good-bye to Anaya. And I don’t know when I’ll see her again. Hopefully in Europe!! So what did we do? More roasted chicken. More wine. More photos. More laughs.

More yummy food!

All of a sudden we have been here more than a month.

By the way, have you heard this awesome song from The Adults?