Sometimes I’m just proud of where I come from. Of all our music, our culture, our languages. And I miss you all (you all now who you are)

#5 Manel – Gent Normal

I don’t really like this band besides two songs: this incredible version of “Common People” from Pulp and “al mar”, a song that takes me straight to the sea and my beach. But they are huge in Spain now, and they probably deserve it.



#4 The New Raemon – Aquest cony de temps

The New Raemon are awesome. I just discovered this band a few weeks ago, being in New Zealand. And I can’t wait to see them live. On the meantime, this is a version of a famous song from when I was a teenager.



#3 Pony Bravo – El Pony Bravo

And Pony Bravo are awesome. Seriously. Their first album is something incredibly adictive, hypnotic. Seriously, one of the best albums I’ve heard in ages! I can’t stop listening to it over and over again. They are genuinely good musicians, and they are the only band for which you don’t need to understand any lyrics to appreciate the music.

By the way, album free to download from their website: (The best album is “Si bajo de espaldas no me da miedo” by far!)


#2 Antònia Font – Clint Eastwood

I love Antònia Font, I love Joan Miquel Oliver. That’s it. Their dreamlike mallorcan lyrics, their music, their videos. Pure surrealism. Pure art.


#1 Astrud – Hay un hombre en España

All in all, Astrud was how I started loving the music made in Spain (or in Catalunya, I don’t want to enter any political discussion here). Genís and Manolo are pure sarcasm and throughout the years they gave some amazing hits that will always be remembered. They did (and still do) dare to tell the truth in the most ironic way about our tacky, seedy yet inspiring country.

(just look the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about…. hahahaha)


So here we are. New Zealand. New Zealand! Can you believe it? It’s hard being conscious of the fact that I’m exactly as far as I can be from Spain!

We arrived here on Wednesday 15th late in the evening. The fact is that we left Cook Islands on Tuesday 14th, early evening, and the flight was just 4 hours long. So, we crossed the Day Time Line and lost 23 hours. Weird. Really weird. Here is Sunday morning, in Spain Saturday night, in Cook Islands Saturday morning.

Anyway, in Auckland has been raining since we arrived. It’s supposed to be summer, but we haven’t seen any sunshine yet. So we haven’t done many touristic things, just improving our social skills instead. After the shock of the first hours listening to kiwi English, we have done our way socializing with our hosts and trying to understand them even when they talk to each other. And believe me, it hasn’t been easy!

It’s really amazing to thing about the whole story: one night in a party in Barcelona (my dear Gabi’s birthday party) I met a guy from New Zealand and we spend hours talking about music, he goes back there and we spend a whole year talking through chats, and one year later I’m in New Zealand, at his place, spending terrific days with his roommates. I believe this is what fate is about, and friendship. Marina and I still can’t believe how lucky we are in all the places that we go. Here it seems we are home again. They are just amazing!

So, after walking through the city center on Thursday and Friday and realizing that Auckland’s city center is actually just one street (Queen street), we joined the guys for a Friday night out. First we went to have dinner to a Malaysian restaurant and we had the first experience with the BYO thing, so to say: here you can Bring Your Own drinks to most restaurants, alcoholic drinks I mean. Isn’t it cool? After a stop home, we went to an awesome place called Whammy. It’s like a bar/venue/whatever from Berlin or London, even reminds me of certain places in Madrid: like a labyrinthic factory with small rooms and different things going on in each room. On Friday there were garage-rock concerts every half hour. We had to pay 20 nz $ to get into (12 euros, less than what you pay for Apolo in Barcelona!) and we could enjoy concerts until 3 am. I felt in love with a band that played surf rock, they just had me thinking about Messer Chups all the time!


Ina trying to kill me.

After that we went home, listened to some music and g0t some sleep. Hey, our first real night out since we started the trip!!

On Saturday we woke up and had the classic after party day: music, coffee, food, lying on the couch. The guys have some musical instruments, so we even had our private concert while drinking pear cider (yes, pear cider!).


Guitar, tambourine and pear cider

Some pizza for dinner and we were thinking about which movie to watch at night, and suddenly the door bell rang. The neighbours had some tickets for a gig but couldn’t do it, so they gave us two tickets for free to go there. The guys decided to give us (me and Ina) the tickets (thanks again!!!) and in less than an hours we were there, at The Powerstation venue, about to see the amazing show of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. I already loved that woman, but after yesterday I’ll just advise you all never to miss the chance to see her live. She’s just pure energy!!


Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings in Auckland, December 2010

That was sooo cool!!! I couldn’t go to see her when she was playing in Barcelona, and yesterday I could go to see her in Auckland! For the record: New Zealanders are an amazing audience, much more passionate than one could expect.

After that we found out that two of the guys could also do their way into the concert, so we met them and had some beers before going back home, were we found out about the most surrealistic cartoons ever: The Rem and Stimpy show. Huge!

Dear all, I leave you with some hilarious minutes of Rem and Stimpy. Enjoy it!

So far, New Zealand is all about music. All about my favourite music. And I love the feeling.

Kia orana to everyone!

I’m writing exactly from paradise. Cook Islands are the closest thing to paradise, I’m totally sure about it.

This is incredibly beautiful, green, just pure.

I have huge problems writing this post because this is the oldest computer I’ve seen in ages and I can’t write a whole paragraph because I don’t see all the letters.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we are fine. This is more beautiful that we even expected. We are being treated as if we were queens, people is really really nice here.

We will upload pictures as soon as we get to New Zealand. On the meantime, think of us drinking from coconuts, eating mangos under the sun and just enjoying Island Life.

Vaccinations done, paperwork for the NZ visa sent, ESTA for entering the USA done, sneakers bought. Now, what? Now for me it’s the most difficult part: I have to organize my music and my books. Of course I know I shouldn’t bring any book, but… will it be so bad to bring one? Just one! My top three right now is:

– The Odyssey from Homer

– The Illiad from Homer

– Fictions from Borges

As I can’t decide, on the meantime I organize travelling playlists. So, here you have my top 5 for our trip. Don’t you feel like travelling?

#5 Devo – Gut feeling

#4 Split Enz – I got you