I’ve been thinking in writing this post for a long time, but I didn’t know what to say exactly or how to start with it. I just wanted to make a list of places (bars and restaurants from Melbourne) that I wanted to stress for different reasons. So, there it goes! This is just me judging some of the places I went to, so, 100% personal opinion.

Cookies in St Kilda

North Melbourne

Prudence: my favourite bar in the area. Pretty hipster, but amazing music and reasonably priced.

Fandango’s: good food, not that good coffee.

Grigons & Orr Corner Store: good coffee, cool place, I love the water with strawberry and mint!


Carlton Club: reasonably priced, relaxed atmosphere, cool place in the center.

Shanghai Dumplings: cheap. Bad service, ugly place, but damn cheap! An institution that you should visit if you are in Melbourne for a while.

Gaylord: I found the name hilarious. It turned out that the food is pretty good, reasonable price and moreover, you can drink as much as you want (it’s a BYO) because they will never kick you out.

Degraves Expresso: amazing coffee.

Rooftop Bar: really cool place, quite overpriced.

Cherry Bar: paradise. Best music ever, I love the atmosphere, I love the people. It felt like being in Wurlitzer in Madrid, my favourite place ever.

Sister Bella: quite unknown but really nice place with good music and good people.

Section 8: totally overrated. It’s a shame because the place is cool, but it’s overpriced and crowded with hipsters that go beyond the word hipster.

Melbourne skyline from the Rooftop Bar


Yah-yah’s: not only closes at 6 and it has free entrance, but also has really good music. The only bad thing is the people, way too wasted. But if you don’t mind it or you are actually as wasted as them, is perfect.

Atomica cafe: good coffee, good food, good place.

Bimbo’s: cheapest dinner / lunch you’ll ever find. Their 4 $ pizzas are not the best thing ever, but hey, for 4 $, who cares? By the way, the rooftop is pretty cool.

Umago: despite what you’ll think reading the menu, order the Poncho pizza. You’ll never regret it. Best pizza ever.

Worker’s club: nice and quiet place, reasonable price for drinks, good music.

Melbourne from Brighton Beach

Last but not least I have to mention Revolver, THAT place, that institution. If you are ever in Melbourne and all the places are closed, Revolver will be open, no matter what. Probably the music is not good, and neither is the atmosphere, but hey, it has something cool. Well, no, it hasn’t anything cool. But if it’s 7 in the morning on a Saturday, it’s the only place to go. That’s it. 100% success.

And to finish this post, I also have to say that no matter what, no matter where, the important thing of any bar or restaurant is with whom you go. If it wasn’t for Jon, Vin, David, Jarrod, Rose, Jeffrey and all the rest, Melbourne wouldn’t have been the same. Love you and miss you guys. Thanks for everything!

when I close my eyes I see roast chicken…