With almost tears in my eyes I left my beloved Melbourne, knowing that I want to go back to that city, and I arrived to Sydney last Wednesday. In Sydney some old friends were waiting for me. Bonnie and Micky have hosted me most of the week. It’s amazing because, although they are kiwis, I met them in Melbourne with David, Vin and Jon. The funniest part is that I knew Bonnie’s mum (awesome Ana!) when I stayed at the former Polish Embassy in Wellington. The world is small, and kiwis are all around. And know that I’m half kiwi (or I wish! hahaha), I feel really lucky to keep meeting them.

My first impression of Sydney is that it looks like a big Auckland. Probably the truth is that Auckland is a tiny version of Sydney, but nevermind.

In one week I’ve visited the most important areas of the city, and I have to say that one week is more than enough to visit it. The city center is like every other city. Sydney’s beaches are the supposedly beautiful part of the city, but I found them totally overbuilt and crowded with tourists (and it’s winter here!!), so I don’t want to imagine how they look like in summer. Sydney’s beaches are like Spanish Benidorm or Lloret but bigger, wider, and more crowded with surfers. Do you think I am exaggerating? Look at this picture of Bondi beach on a Sunday of middle winter. All these little black spots are surfers waiting for their wave.

Bondi beach crowded with surfers

Besides the touristic stuff, I have to admit that Sydney has some beautiful things. The Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are just stunning. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!!!


Sydney Opera House


Sydney Harbour Bridge

My favourite area was Surry Hills. Not only because Bonnie and Micky live there, but also because it reminds me of Wellington, of Melbourne: a small suburb with cozy bars and cafés, nice shops and beautiful Victorian houses.

I visited two markets, the Glebe one on Saturday and the Bondi one on Sunday. If you ask me, go to the Glebe one. It’s quite cute and the area has some cafés to go afterwards.

On Monday I went to Manly with a ferry. apparently it’s something that you have to do. But Manly was embarrassing. Did I say that Bondi is overbuilt and crowded with tourists? Forget about it. Manly is way worse. The whole 20 minutes ride on the Ferry I couldn’t stop remembering the famous “coastal law” in Spain when I saw the overpopulation of hotels, houses and boats in the coast line. Not a single meter free! It’s just terrible! When I arrived to Manly, me and the 300 tourists that were there on a Monday morning in the middle of winter crossed the street. After 5 minutes, I went back to the ferry station to go back to Surry Hills.

Lloret? Benidorm? No! Sydney!

My overall impression of Sydney is quite bad, yes. I guess if you come here in summer and you are a surfer it has to be pretty nice. But it’s not summer and I don’t surf. I’ve been raised in one of the most touristic areas of Spain, and Sydney reminds me too much of all that. So, thank God I had the company of Bonnie, Micky (you guys are awesome!), the kiwis that they introduced me and my couchsurfer of the weekend (Alastair! you’re great!!).

Sydney is nice to visit as a regular tourist. But I would never live here. (now it’s when Karma punishes me and I end up living here… hahahahah)


Harbour Bridge with a ray of light